African Herbal Healing

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African herbal healing is the practice of using medicine that is extracted from nature. It includes using trees, water, soil and animal products. All ingredients used in African herbal Healing are natural. Research is done by professionals who have been trained to test different extracts from nature to find out what kind of ingredients they contain. Each medicine has a unique characteristic to treat a particular disease or a remedy to treat an ailment in humans. Treatable diseases include, High blood pressure, Ulcers, Normal Headaches, Stds, Skin diseases and many more.

Spiritual Use of Herbal Healing.

Besides treating known diseases, African Herbal Healing Practices have spiritual influence, Our ancestors possesed spiritual divination and power to identify medicines or natural herbs that treated certain ailments in human beings. Their revelations were not based on any western training but that of spiritual intervention. Even in bible teachings there is various illustrations where nature combined with a higher spiritual powers was able to change situations. We see it in the book of John 9:6 Jesus heals a blind man with Just His Saliva and Dust. We are seeing a combination of a Higher Power and nature.

African traditional herbal healing in its varied forms is holistic involving both the body and the mind. The traditional healer typically diagnoses and treats the psychological basis of an illness before prescribing medicines, particularly medical plants to treat the symptoms. To diagnose a person you must have the ability to do it. That’s why the healer has to be naturally gifted or empowered spiritually to carry out the procedure. Some trees poses particular ingredients that can be used to change situations concerning love and luck. For example african herbal healing can be used to make love potions and incense. Incense is extracted from trees and when burnt it can produce an aromatic smoke that provides therapy. On the other love potions also are used as remedies in relationship issues. Love potions are extracted from flowers and some trees, when used on someone it can alter their feeling towards you. It’s used in getting someone to love you, get your ex lover back, bind your marriage or relationship and so on. You will be amazed by the power of african herbal healing

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